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This website was created by a work group that was established to inform the general public of important socio-demographic changes that Aruba has undergone in the last decades. The workgroup is composed of the Association for Youth Welfare Work Aruba (ATHA), the Youth Parliament Aruba, the Department of Curriculum Development of the Directorate of Education, and the Central Bureau of Statistics. By disseminating reliable and valid information on demographic and societal changes, we intend to promote a knowledge based society that feels empowered to actively engage in discussions relating to the future of the multicultural society of Aruba, taking into account sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth and social development with greater opportunities for all. The Association for Youth Welfare Work Aruba (ATHA) The primary objective of the ATHA is to promote the youth welfare work on Aruba by: The Youth Parliament Aruba The Youth Parliament of Aruba is the official organization representing all youths and advocates the rights of the children’s on the island. Furthermore the Youth Parliament Aruba works on: building future leaders; creating a culture of debate and dialogue; organize positive and influential projects; and develop the personal qualities of each member. We do this with love and dedication because we truly think that our young leaders can make a difference now, tomorrow and in the future. We believe wholeheartedly in them and encourage them each day to be the best they can. On a year base, we provide these young leaders with different courses and guidance so that each member is better prepared and equipped – with knowledge and experience – to represent the youths on the island and to positively influence them during these journey. To be able to develop their skills and experience, we search for many professionals on different fields that can teach them how to debate and dialogue (debating and dialogue techniques); how to conduct a formal meeting (parliamentary procedures); which are the fundamental rights of the children’s (children’s right advocacy); how to conduct a proper research (research skills); how to be critical and influential (critical thinking and negotiation skills); how to plan, implement and evaluate projects (project management), what are the current issues on the island and worldwide (general knowledge); how to work on your emotionally intelligence (EQ) and many more character-, personal- and skill building workshops and presentations. We also like to share our knowledge by inviting other youth organizations to our trainings or by organizing these workshops for all youths on the island. These past 13 years has been tremendous. We’ve seen youngsters become professionals and then influential leaders. They’ve managed to give their advice and opinion (freedom of expression) to the official Parliament of Aruba, introduce a new national day (‘National day for keeping Aruba clean) together with the governor of the island and also talk with the queen and future king during their visits. Ex-members are now very motivated to finish their schools, very participative in other positive initiative and organization and finally they are the future leaders our Island needs. The Department of Curriculum Development of the Directorate of Education The Department of Curriculum Development is in charge of developing and monitoring the curriculum that is offered to students in schools on Aruba as well as developing and evaluating learning methods and learning materials. The Central Bureau of Statistics The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is the institution officially assigned with the collection, processing and publication of statistics to be used by policymakers, in practice and for research in different areas. It is a government department that resorts under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Communication, Energy and Environment. Objective statistical information is vital to an open and democratic society. It provides a solid foundation for informed decision-making by elected representatives, businesses, unions and non-profit organizations, as well as the general individual Aruban population. It’s also recognized as an inexhaustible source for scientific research. The Central Bureau of Statistics is determined to contribute to a better informed public, by means of data-collection, data-analysis and data-dissemination, consistent with international standards and principles. This in order to effectuate sustainable decision-making and monitoring based on undisputed and available scientific information. The mission of the CBS is to compile and publish reliable, objective, integrated, coherent and timely statistical information that is relevant and easy accessible for practice, policy and research.

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